NYC March 2017
My first time to the Empire State Building!

I’m having one of those awkward moments where I feel like I got absolutely nothing accomplished all month, even though I still managed a lot. Perhaps it’s because everything that did happen was all toward the first 2/3 of the month (such as trips to Ohio for Cleveland ConCoction and New York City for the day job), and for the past week I will gleefully admit to not doing very much at all.

March Wrap-Up:

  • I started messing around with Scrivener and it is waaaaay more intense than I was expecting. I consider myself fairly tech-savvy, but the tutorial was a bit overwhelming. I think I’m going to have to work a lot of it out by trial and error myself.
  • I had a fantastic time at Cleveland ConCoction this year, where I sold some books and met cool people. You can catch up with my con report here.
  • I did not get much marketing done for Steel Blood, but I did review the PDF proof and send it back to my publisher. I don’t think watching the progression of random words from my brain turning into an actual book will ever get old.

March Book Reviews:

March Speculative Chic Contributions:

Ugh, Hanna, why do you only contribute to group posts instead of writing your own big ones? Because I have a lot more time to crank out a few hundred words about the latest movie I’ve seen or cool SF thing I’m in love with. Also, I’m the official editor for all Sound Off! posts, which I consider just as worthwhile as writing a singular post on another topic.

Do you think Speculative Chic looks cool? Would you like to write for us? We’re currently looking for contributors! You can commit to writing a full post once a month (or more), or contribute to group posts like I do.

April Goals:

  1. Write the full, scene-by-scene outline for book 5! It’s kind of crazy to think that I’m on the downward slope of this series, but I’m still so excited about it. I gave myself a “go big or go home” pep talk the other way when I was brainstorming plot points, so I’m getting more and more excited about this one.

It feels weird only having one goal, but everything else on my plate these days is real-life stuff that I don’t want to bore all of you with. (For example, my parents retired this year and are traveling the world, which means I help out with my grandmother’s laundry.) So I will just have to resolve to accomplishing the hell out of the one goal I have. Until next month, you know where to find me!

(The answer is here and at Speculative Chic, which you should totally subscribe to if you haven’t already.)

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