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This series could have gotten a bit stale if the next brother in line had connected with another “normal” human. However, River is far from normal, nor is he even human. Mori’s tragic past is why these demons are on earth in the first place, and he more than deserved someone to match him in every way. As a powerful witch, River is more than up to the task. Unfortunately, his family has a past with Mori’s brothers that makes their connection pretty much the opposite of a meet-cute, even before the fated mate element is introduced.

Speaking of fated mates, this is a trope that too many authors use to take the easy way out of building a legitimate relationship between characters. Here, Taylor does a fantastic job of making a distinction between “love” and “being in love” that presents both the tangible connection between Mori and River and all the emotional pain a reader could want in an intense romance in progress.

This book continues the external plot that ties this series together by giving a few of the answers that we’ve been waiting for while still leaving plenty for us to discover in the grand finale. At this point, we have a decent idea of the “what” that this demon family and their allies are up against. However, we only know a little bit of the “why,” and I’m just as interested in learning the full story as I am for the final relationship arc that is nicely teased at the end of this book.

Rating: 5 (out of 5) stars
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