I started May with all of the plans. Lots of writing while the spouse was away for work. Two conventions. Finally, some warm weather!

I got exactly one of those things. Spouse came down with a cough the first weekend, and we discovered by the first Tuesday that both of us finally got the plague. We were both vaccinated and boosted, but at this point, not getting it was starting to feel like being one of the last people on my side of the dodgeball team. I was fine within about 5 days (though for about 36 hours of that, my sinus pressure was so bad that it felt like I’d been hit in the face by a baseball bat), and the spouse took just a bit longer due to preexisting conditions that exacerbated his cough. But by the time we were both in the clear, I’d completely blown my tentative writing schedule, the spouse wasn’t able to go on his trip, and I missed one of the conventions. (I did get to spend some lovely time reading outside, though.)

So, first month of summer 2022: Take two.

May Wrap-Up

  • I only managed about 5k words to Steel Legacy, but we’ve officially reached the downward slide toward the epic conclusion. I’m back to tracking my writing progress on Twitter, so feel free to cheer me on there.
  • I missed StokerCon, but I had a fun yet interesting time at Balticon last weekend.

June Goals

  1. Write words. I have officially hit 90k on Steel Legacy and have about 20 scenes left in the outline. The hilarious part is that 90k words is technically my max word count, so editing this thing is going to be FUN. (Seriously, I love editing and rewriting. That’s the bit I genuinely enjoy.)
  2. Travel this month, part 1: A week at my home away from home in Atlanta. It’s home because I’ll actually be working as usual during the week bit of my trip. I love how flexible my day job is.
  3. Travel this month, part 2: I’ll be at In Your Write Mind 2022, in person at Seton Hill University in Greensburg, Pennsylvania from June 23 to 26.
  4. Book reviews! This hasn’t been on the list for a while, because for the first time in literal years, I am not scheduled 4 to 6 weeks in advance on the blog. I’m not mad about the reasons for that, since it includes a bunch of amazing ARCs by authors I love and some truly epic book series. But I’d love to build a buffer back up.

In Case You Missed It

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Book Reviews

  • Oh So Oscar (Forever Love #3) by Charlie Novak (5*)
  • Magi Accounts Series by Michele Notaro (4-5*) | Recommended
  • Not Allowed (Not Ready for Love #1) by Kate Hawthorne (5*)
  • Spirited Situation (Ghostly Guardians #1) by Louisa Masters (4*)
  • Bellamy (Sons of the Fallen #5) by Jaclyn Osborn (5*)
  • Ornamental (Irons & Works #8) by E.M. Lindsey (5*)
  • Sledge and Claw (Hammer and Fist: Lextalion #1) by Jennifer Cody (5*) | Recommended
  • Roped In (Lone Star #2) by Jodi Payne & B.A. Tortuga (5*)
  • Inferno (Hammer and Fist: Geminatus #1) by Jennifer Cody (5*) | Recommended
  • Master of Hounds (Eburosi Chronicles #12-#14) by R.A. Steffan (5*)

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