Yesterday, I was super excited to tell you all about my upcoming trip to Denver for StokerCon!

What you didn’t know, if you don’t follow me on social media, is that the spouse and I both finally caught COVID last week. We’re both vaccinated and boosted, but since the spouse is military, it was literally only a matter of time. I had bad cold/sinus symptoms for a few days and now feel totally fine. But since I literally work in the infectious diseases field, you better bet that I took a rapid test this morning to do my due diligence.

What you may not know is that even when you recover from COVID symptoms, you can still be infectious for days afterward. The test only had to sit for about 30 seconds before it laughed in my face.

So, the good news is that I feel fine.

The bad news is that I will miss everyone’s lovely faces in Denver. (Cranky Hanna is cranky.)

Now, please cross your fingers for me that I am not still infectious when Balticon rolls around in 2.5 weeks.

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