Ships and buildings are my thing when it comes to LEGO, but by buildings, I tend to mean sets that are part of the Creator Expert category rather than famous architectural buildings. However, far from me to turn down a free LEGO set! My father-in-law found a brand new set for me at a yard sale — box open, but pieces still in their individual bags! I had a lot to do during the spouse’s March work weekend, but I still managed to find the time to try something new and add to the collection. My entertainment for this relatively short build was an audiobook.

The White House (21006) — 560 pieces

The box was a bit battered and, unfortunately, reeked of cigarette smoke. Everything else about this set was pristine, including the instruction booklet. This one featured awesome pictures and details about the history and renovations of the White House. As usual, this set started with the base.

The sides of the building came next, in the form of completely black and white pillars of the tiniest bricks available. One step literally included over 100 bricks.

Next, I added more architectural details and started on the roof and landscaping.

And finally, I finished the roof detail and additional landscaping. Below is the completed set from two angles.

Between building this set and when this post will go live, the spouse and I spent over an hour at a local LEGO store with friends, where we created personalized minifigures! Below is a sneak peek, and you can find the full results of my photoshoot on Instagram.

Bach and Hanna in their natural habitat (a coffee shop).

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