Awesome things I did this past month:

  • Doubled my word count from March.
  • Read a ton of ARCs (advance reader copies) by some of my favorite authors.
  • Got together with my best friends.
Squad, assemble!

All in all, a pretty successful 30 days! I don’t expect to double my word count again for May, but I’ll be happy if I sneak in an additional 5k words. I’m excited about Steel Legacy again. Not that I wasn’t excited before, but it was more of a nebulous excitement wrapped up in an inaccessible fence of stress and overwhelm. The combination of an extra bit of help and summer fast approaching has been a huge boost on the writing front.

Another huge boost will be my return to the convention scene. Not to discount the convention I attended in February, but that isn’t a con where I have too many good friends versus writing acquaintances. One thing I definitely noticed during the past two years is how much I rely on the boost that seeing my writing tribe in person gives me. Here’s where you can find me in the next 2 months:

Drop me a line if I’ll see you at any of the above, either by responding to this post or through any of the social media links at the top of the page!

April Wrap-Up

  • My goal was 10k words added to Steel Legacy! I managed just shy of that (my final writing day plans were averted by a combination of sick spouse and recovering from an epic previous day of yard work).
  • The day trip for a get-together with all the besties and our families was amazing! Yes, we are nerds who wear matching T-shirts (see above).

May Goals

  1. Tentative goal of 15k more words to Steel Legacy, with the caveat that I won’t be disappointed if I only manage 10k. I never expected getting back on the horse to be an instantaneous thing, but the end of the book is definitely in sight.
  2. Two conventions! StokerCon, where you can likely find me managing the Raw Dog Screaming Press table in the dealer’s room, and Balticon, where I’ll be wandering my old stomping grounds of Baltimore’s Inner Harbor between panels and workshops.

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