jlgribble.com | Book Review: Bee Cave Magic by Kelly Fox

Fox is an author for whom I’ll read everything released, even romances tropes I don’t particularly prefer. However, I think the “fated mates” concept works better for a novella-length story than a full novel, so it was even easier to spend an hour with this delightful re-release, originally published before I was a fan of the writer. As usual, Fox’s ability to craft character blends with her genuine love of the physical setting to create a sweet shifter romance I couldn’t help but enjoy.

The tropes of instant love and fated mates don’t mean a story should be without conflict. Fox infuses plenty in her story without diminishing the overall sweet lightheartedness of this humorous piece. She leans into stereotypes to create the particular shifter characters here, especially Rex and Micah, while still presenting fully realized individuals with their own charms. A significant amount of subtle worldbuilding is also accomplished by learning what knowledge Micah lacks, which also connects our two heroes beyond what their magic has already determined.

This novella is far from the stories I particularly love from this author, but it still includes Fox’s trademark sass, charm, and unexpected romance. As a fantasy lover at heart, I’ve enjoyed all of Fox’s forays into the paranormal, and this one is no exception.

Rating: 4.5 (out of 5) stars. Cross-posted to Amazon and Goodreads.

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