This book verges on dark romance territory only because of the love-hate dynamic between the two heroes, including the levels and limits (or lack thereof) to their sexual relationship. I highly recommend reading the free prequel available on the author’s website, “Dual Hostilities,” to see whether these characters may be up your alley. It is not necessary reading to enjoy this novel, but events are referred to, and I think it increased my appreciation of how Sage and Foster relate to each other.

Because that weekend in the woods cemented the tenuous bond between these men, whether they like it or not. The nature of their desires encompasses certain extremes, and it’s not every day that a person finds their perfect match. Too bad Foster has just been tasked to kill Sage but ends up saving his life instead. This incident thrusts both men into the mystery of who wants Sage dead, then who wants Foster and his friends dead, and finally why Sage and Foster are involved with this mysterious plot to begin with. Along the way, Sage’s entire life is upended, even not accounting for how he’s falling in love with the man able to handle anything he can dish out.

In return, Foster is also falling for the man able to push him further than ever before. Their flirting involves more weaponry and macabre humor than your average romance novel (though they do manage to make guns romantic). Still, I adored both men separately and even more as a pair. I’m satisfied with their current state of “happily for now,” and I look forward to the conclusion of this duology for their happily ever after.

Rating: 5 (out of 5) stars. Cross-posted to Amazon and Goodreads.

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