This author wrote my favorite book of 2020, so I did not hesitate to dive into her latest release. The premise of this book hinges on sex work, so this book will not appeal to readers who take issue with that particular profession. Nicky has been retired from that life for a few years, making him perfect for a specific client’s needs. Gideon has caved under his family’s expectations but wants the opportunity to explore his sexuality and needs before he marries. Despite the obvious assumption, this book is not 24-7 sexiness. Instead, it’s a lovely tale of two people, who don’t seem compatible on the outside, growing closer together outside of the purely physical.

Because this book is a romance, it was easy to see the expected outcome from a mile away. However, the journey Dee leads readers on to get to that point is nothing like what I anticipated. In addition, most books with a kink-themed beginning involve characters who get more comfortable in that world. As Nicky helps Gideon realize what he truly needs, that almost the opposite happens here is a humorous and sweet take on the typical dynamic.

As usual, Dee also does a fantastic job creating the world at large; in this case, it includes Nicky’s extended family and the music he loves. It was so easy to fall into Nicky’s head and appreciate the care he has for his family and chosen career. While this romance has plenty of heat and feels, I also enjoyed that the cracks in Gideon’s carefully developed plan begin to show in how he cares for Nicky and slowly becomes part of his life, rather than Nicky having to hide Gideon from those closest to him.

This book works very well as a stand-alone, but I look forward to revisiting this world in the promised sequel featuring Nicky’s brother.

Rating: 5 (out of 5) stars. Cross-posted to Amazon and Goodreads.

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