We thought 2021 would be low-key. Isn’t that cute? Instead, there have been some major ups and downs that distracted me from my goals. On the other hand, I also got some great news about my day job–the pandemic proved that we do not need a central office to function, which means my permanent telework status is now officially permanent. Cue my spouse, whose love language is tech upgrades, working with me to create an awesome setup for my three computers. I’m still waiting for some small bits I ordered online to arrive, so I’ll share an updated picture of my awesome home office next month.

Other than that, I’ve had a quiet month of working on various writing projects, playing World of Warcraft, and still burning through a ton of books. January also marks 12 years since the spouse and I began dating, which is literally a third of my life. Enjoy this picture of a cat lounging on our wedding album, where he knows he’s not supposed to be.

January Wrap-Up

  • I did not add 10k words to Steel Legacy. (You’re shocked, I know.) After almost 8 weeks of not working on the project, I decided to spend time reviewing the early scenes I’ve written so that I can launch into adding actual new words when that’s finished.
  • The good news is that book 6, Steel Justice, will officially be released in summer of 2021! I submitted information for the cover to amazing artist Brad Sharp, and I’m currently deep in the midst of copy-edits.

February Goals

  1. Catch up on Steel Legacy revisions and add that coveted 10k words to get myself back into the regular writing groove.
  2. Finish copy/line edits for Steel Justice and submit the final draft to my publisher for layout.
  3. Attend Farpoint 2021 as a virtual panelist the weekend of February 19-21. Since this annual convention is online-only this year, I hope many of you will join me no matter where you’re attending from!

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