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Even though this book review will go live on my blog months after reading it, at a moment when the world is (hopefully) looking brighter, this book was a perfect read in an otherwise stressful month. I’ve come to realize in my deep-dive of romance novels that I am drawn to intricate stories with a decent amount of angst. However, sometimes you need something cozy to curl up with as the weather gets colder, and this book more than fit the bill. It might not be for everyone due to the age-gap element, and even I gave Luis a bit of side-eye for his immediate interest in the much younger (and much more “innocent”) Aster. That goes quickly out the window as Quin shows readers how adorably passionate Luis is about treating Aster right and allowing the relationship to develop at Aster’s pace, even as Luis doesn’t hesitate to broaden his horizons.

This is a sexy, low-angst story that had me laughing and swooning in turn. Aster is a guy after my own heart, as he is very much an “indoor cat,” but watching him let Luis draw him out of his shell is lovely. As an adult film star, Luis’ profession sets up so much opportunity for conflict that never occurs. I love how Quin treats it like any other profession, along with how Aster’s parents roll with accepting whoever their kid falls for, as long as he’s treated right. As sweet as this book is, all plots require a dark moment, but I was so pleased that it did not play out as I expected. The conflict is more thoughtful and all the more interesting because of it.

Even as it plays out differently (and sexier) in this book than is typical in “real life,” all healthy relationships should involve bringing out the best in your partner. Luis and Aster show the best side of this. I had a ton of fun reading this book, and I wouldn’t mind re-visiting them further along in their lives to check in on their happily ever after.

Rating: 5 (out of 5) stars. Cross-posted to Goodreads.

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