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Wow, it’s been a month.

So, nothing’s really changed around here. I’m still working from home. I’m still reading a lot and playing too much World of Warcraft. Despite my introvert tendencies, I’ve now missed two conferences, and I miss hanging out with people in person. I have not yet grown my own yeast, but I am enjoying the extra cooking I’m doing, which is not something I’d ever thought I’d write 3 years ago.

April Wrap-Up

  • I opened the Steel Justice Word document! I re-read it for the first time in 6 months! I don’t hate it!
  • Lots of reading has been done. I’m catching up on the back catalog of a new favorite (Jordan L. Hawk) and indulging in some re-reads of an old favorite (Cat Sebastian).
  • I updated the Fan Cast page on my website! (The same morning I wrote this post.) (Don’t judge, there’s still a pandemic on.)
  • I did not end up maxing out a second character in WoW, but I did grind achievements to unlock flying in all current zones, which will making leveling future characters even easier.

May Goals

  1. Input comments from my Steel Justice beta readers and cry a bit start the official revision process.
  2. Read and review more books, including ARCs by two friends!
  3. Figure out the logistics of filming/producing/posting live readings from some of my books. The spouse does not yet know that he will be involved in this project, but the film experience from his previous life is about to be put to work.
  4. One previously cancelled convention has gone online! I’ll be on at least 2 panels for Virtual Balticon 54 over Memorial Day weekend.
  5. Not gonna lie, I’m still going to play so much WoW.

In Case You Missed It

Book Reviews

On the Website

My view for a significant portion of this month.

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