Fan Cast

A frequent question for authors is “Who would play your characters in the movie?”

I created my characters before casting them, and in some cases a few of the minor details don’t match up (usually eye color). However, for general appearance and attitude, the very talented actors below represent who I often see in my mind’s eye when writing.

Find the full Steel Empires series here.

Disclaimer: All photos via; this is meant as a worldbuilding/characterization exercise only.

Jaimie Alexander

Vampire | Master of the City

Likes: Coffee, swords, and her kids. Dislikes: Impertinent questions. Go away.

Photo credit: Lady Sif, Thor: The Dark World

Jared Padalecki
“Mikelos Connor”

Daywalker | Violinist

Not quite sure how he ended up in this family of adventurers. Still prefers it to schmoozing rich patrons in stuffy ballrooms. Does occasionally miss the wine.

Photo credit: Sam Winchester, Supernatural

More coming soon!

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