My 2019 Resolution Project over at my other blog, Speculative Chic, is to read the entire Kate Daniels urban fantasy series by Ilona Andrews, finishing up with a first read of the final book in the series.

I’ve read the eighth book, Magic Shifts,before, and originally reviewed it in April 2016. You can find NEW my full review here.

An excerpt:

“Alas, Kate and Curran can give up the Pack, Atlanta’s organization of shapeshifters, but the Pack can’t leave them. This particular bit of politics is how Kate becomes involved in the main plot of this story, which revolved around Persian and Arabian folklore and mythology, with a particular creature that most readers are familiar with. As usual, however, the authors do the amazing research necessary to turn the drama of a simple missing persons case up to 11.”

Rating: 5 (out of 5) stars.

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