I burned through all of the books in this series very quickly, then had to wait months for this latest installment. I read it all the evening of the day it was released. It was worth the wait.

Like the previous books, Frella’s story contains nonstop action and adventure. Multiple relationships are in play. And Steffan manages to surprise me at every turn when I think I have an idea of how things are going to go. This was especially true in this story, where the final relationship between Frella and one of her companions did not evolve the way I thought it would, but it was still incredibly satisfying. We also get a reunion with multiple old friends that made me smile.

These elements lighten the darker moments of the book, which might be difficult for some readers. Everything is relevant to the plot and well-written, but Steffan does not shy away from the details.

Heed the warning at the beginning: The story ends in a hell of a cliffhanger. Tragedy strikes the characters, and I’d hold my breath to see how everything is resolved in the final conclusion, but that’s a long wait.

Catch up on this series so you can feel my pain.

Rating: 5 (out of 5) stars. Cross-posted to Amazon and Goodreads.

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