This short story is included in the back of Kate Daniels Book #6: Magic Rises, and the author note in the front advises the reader to start there before launching into the novel. Since I can’t find a place to review this story on Amazon or Goodreads (indeed, it’s not even listed as part of the main Kate Daniels series on Goodreads, hence the question mark in this post title), it shall have to exist in a vacuum here on my blog.

There are better stories out there to read as an introduction to this world. For this story, it helps to be familiar with many aspects of this series already, such as the characters Derek and Saiman, the current shenanigans with the Mercenary Guild, multiple plot points in previous books, and especially Kate’s status with the Atlanta Shapeshifter Pack.

But if you are familiar with the series already, this is a fun interlude featuring some interesting recurring characters and gives us everything we like best: Kate being awesome, fascinating magic, Saiman being a creeper, and Grendel the Attack Poodle.

I look forward to seeing how echoes of this story affect the main text of Magic Rises.

Rating: 5 (out of 5) stars.

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