and now for something completely differentI love when stories are exactly what they say on the tin, but when the St. Mary’s crew is involved, you know it’s still going to outrageous. The Christmas story for 2018 features very little Christmas and a lot of planetary-hopping shenanigans. As someone who follows the current research into getting the first human to Mars, this story made for an excellent holiday gift to myself.

This entire story reminded me very much of an episode of Doctor Who, from the questionable logic the characters use to the actual events of the plot. Not everything gets resolved, so the possibility lingers that a greater power than Historians or Time Police might be involved, which very well could be a madman in a box.

Taylor mentions that part of the purpose of this story is working out some the kinks in her Time Police characters. They definitely grew on me here, so I hope to see them in future installments of this series.

Rating: 5 (out of 5) stars. Cross-posted to Goodreads.

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