Review: “Wild Type” by J.K. Ullrich

Wild TypeDisclaimer: I received an electronic copy of this short story as part of the full novel Syzygy from the author in exchange for an honest review.

This short story acts as a great supplemental material to the novel Syzygy. I enjoyed the insight into the character of Lily’s life in her youth, especially through effective use of flashbacks. While it doesn’t stand alone from the novel, it continues the themes and atmosphere in a way that makes me long for more stories set in this world. 

Rating: 4 (out of 5) stars. This story is only available as part of the collected Syzygy ebook, which I reviewed previously.

3 thoughts on “Review: “Wild Type” by J.K. Ullrich

  1. Thanks for the kind review, J.L.! Since “Wild Type” left you keen for more, I’ll let you in on something; I originally planned it as part of a larger spinoff anthology, but wanted to gauge interest in the “Syzygy” universe before diving into the project. If enough readers enjoy the story as much as you did, I’d love to bring that collection to the page someday.


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