SyncopationDisclaimer: I consider the author a friend; however, I purchased this ebook for full price.

I’m one of those people who gets goosebumps from listening to music that affects me. Reading about the music in this novel, the way it’s described and the way it connects the two heroes, literally made the hair on my scalp raise. 

I was a bit hesitant about the history between Ray and Zavier based on the back-cover blurb, but Zabo makes their connection work in a way that never seems contrived. Friends to lovers and enemies to lovers are tried and true tropes, but the evolution that occurs between the men here is indescribable. All I know is that I never once raised an eyebrow, because it all flowed so naturally (and sexily). I especially enjoyed the unexpected twist of how Ray handles Zavier’s revelation of his aromantic status.

Each of the band members in Twisted Wishes were completely fleshed out characters. I especially enjoyed Ray’s utter dedication to his music, and I was pleased that I recognized his synesthesia through Zabo’s description before it was confirmed later in the text.

One minor quibble is that the heroes seemed to just keep reacting to what the villain threw at them instead of ever being proactive about the issue, beyond doing some initial research at the beginning. The villain’s final motivation is also never made 100% clear. Nevertheless, the plot’s resolution is still satisfying.

One of the perks to being friends with a book’s author is the ability to text them while reading and demand to know that another character’s story is next. Luckily, it is! I enjoyed this book so much that I’ve already got the sequel pre-ordered. You should, too.

Rating: 5 (out of 5) stars. Cross-posted to Amazon and Goodreads.

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