Three Player GameWhile creating a three-way relationship in a romance series, it would have been incredibly easy for this to devolve into straight-up erotica. Instead, the author takes three incredibly complex characters and builds a realistic relationship that includes all sorts of interesting stumbling blocks that grab the reader’s attention (even if it does make you want to smack at least once of the men at any point during the reading). 

Pete and Lee seem like they have a solid relationship on the outside, but adding Vince to their trio is no easy task. Each character has unique traits and flaws, such as Vince’s understandable spikiness and Lee’s backstory. Samms gives the reader just enough description for the history to be sympathetic rather than unnecessarily angsty.

For those of you reading about a nontraditional relationship because you do want the sexy bits, you won’t be disappointed. The unique character creation makes for some incredibly unique situations. Some mild BDSM is throw in, but once again, that’s due to the characters and not the entire basis of the relationship.

The tie-up at the ending was sheer perfection. I’m utterly convinced these guys will live happily ever after.

Rated: 5 (out of 5) stars. Cross-posted to Amazon and Goodreads.

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