Some highs and lows this month, for sure. See last Friday’s post about the major milestones in my life I’m currently in the middle of.

March Wrap-Up:

  • Complete the scene-by-scene outline for book 4, Steel Time. It turns out that the power in the ‘verse that can stop me is my own brain! I have three poster boards in my office liberally decorated with post-it notes in four different colors. But the new outlining method I tried got me a bit bogged down in the details, and even though I’m genuinely excited about this book, I became really overwhelmed by the outline. I’m hoping to come back from vacation refreshed and ready to tackle it with new eyes, so that I know what I need to investigate during the May research stage.
  • Prequel story #2 scene revisions: I’m about halfway done, and have gotten some great notes from my new critique group!
  • Attend Cleveland ConCoction: Done! It was a great event, and you can see my con report for it here.
  • Book reviews: Hell yeah! I got five of them done:
  • Make a dent in the to-read pile: Sort of? I did get some reading done, but I may have “accidentally” bought more books instead. However…

April Goals:

  1. Vacation! I’m going to spend some much-needed quiet time on a boat with my husband for 10 days. This is our vacation before he leaves for military tech school for 5 months this summer and fall. There will be much, much reading of books while we are gone. I’m bringing my computer because I am a workaholic, but any writing goals I have are totally unofficial and won’t count here.
  2. Start my new job! But real life is boring. Let’s talk about writing goals instead.
  3. Steel Time scene-by-scene outline.
  4. Steel Blood edits. Three beta readers have book 3, and I should have notes from them by the time I get home in 10 days. I’m giving myself until the end of the month to do any necessary rewrites and start my line edits.
  5. Prequel story #2 revisions.
  6. Book reviews!
I have half a dozen more books on my Kindle (the thing leaning on the left), and I always find something interesting in the ship’s library! The Star Trek books are my husband’s, but I’m quite intrigued by the rise of the Federation myself…

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