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MAGIC BREAKS by Ilona Andrews

Not only is this one of my favorite books series, it is also one of the major inspirations for my own writing. So it’s no surprise that I absolutely loved and devoured this set of the series.

I was so, so glad that the authors included a note at the beginning warning that this was NOT the end of the series. The ending definitely tied up enough threads that this absolutely does end a major plot arc for the main characters. But instead of getting to the end and panicking (“OMG is this it??”), I was able to enjoy the climactic ending while knowing that these friends would be back for more.

While Magic Breaks had all of the normal elements of a climactic fantasy series novel, part of what I enjoy so much about the Andrews’ writing is how they subversive they are with fantasy tropes. Instead of knowing right away that there would be a confrontation with a big bad, Kate is first plunged into the plot line of a murder mystery. And rather than gathering together all of the major friends and allies that Kate has met along the way, the characters that accompany her on the “epic journey” toward the end are characters who are almost thrown together by chance, which only adds to the conflict and tension.

In the end, Kate and Curran get their “Happily Ever [For Now]” in a surprise twist that I didn’t see coming. I can’t wait to see what everyone gets up to next.

Rating: 5 (out of 5) stars.

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