September Wrap-Up & October Goals

Another month of this crazy year has come and gone. The spouse and I escaped to Atlanta for a week, to socially distance with friends who also work from home. It was absolutely lovely and reminded me how much I miss conventions this year. The TARDIS drove and charged beautifully on its first road trip,Continue reading “September Wrap-Up & October Goals”

Review: The Old Guard #1: Opening Fire by Greg Rucka & Leandro Fernandez

By the time I could read this graphic novel, which collects the first five issues of The Old Guard, I’d already seen the movie on Netflix twice. If you followed me on social media last August, you know I was pretty obsessed. So, it’s difficult for me to talk about the graphic novel in isolation,Continue reading “Review: The Old Guard #1: Opening Fire by Greg Rucka & Leandro Fernandez”

August Wrap-Up & September Goals

This month slipped away from me pretty fast, like the rest of this summer has, since time has basically ceased to have all meaning. I’m still working from home full-time, I’m still doing a lot of reading, and I’ve done some solid work on book 7 that I’m pleased with. All travel plans through theContinue reading “August Wrap-Up & September Goals”