Farpoint 2020 was the last event I attended in person before the world went bonkers. Alas, like so many other conventions, it is being held online this year. I’m pleased to participate in three panels from the comfort of my own home, but you know I’ll miss seeing all of your lovely faces.

Find more information about Virtual Farpoint 2021, with my personal schedule below. Attendance is FREE and does not require advanced registration. (As of right now, I literally only know the titles of my panel discussions. This post will be updated as I receive more information, such as descriptions and the names of my fellow panelists.)


  • 12 PM: The Way of the Mandalorian [register]
    • Disney Plus’ wildly successful hit has wrapped up its second season. What will the future hold for our heroes? What other Star Wars spinoffs are on the horizon? And how much Child (Baby Yoda) is too much?
    • With T.A. Chafin and Rigel Ailur


  • 11 AM: Discovered During Lockdown [register]
    • What little-known gems or guilty pleasures did you watch during the pandemic? We’ll discuss our favorites.
    • With Heather E. Hutsell
  • 2 PM: How Fandom Can Make You a Better Writer [register]
    • Whether it’s books, movies, TV, or games, we’ve all experienced the guilt of indulging in fandom instead of working on our next novel or story. But what if all that reading/viewing/playing was actually helping you become a better writer? This panel will discuss how fandom, rather than being a guilt-inducing “waste of time”, can actually help writers improve.
    • With Mary Fan and Danielle Ackley-McPhail

I look forward to some great discussions, and I promise to only talk about The Old Guard a little bit during the lockdown panel. (That might be a lie.) (My request for why I should be on the panel was literally “Hello, I am here to talk about The Old Guard,” but they let me in so it’s totally not my fault.)

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