I did so well in May! I wrote! I read! I adventured! Not as much of all of those as I would have preferred, especially since the day job ate me for the solid week before I left on my vacation at the end of the month, but I suppose we can’t have it all. June would also be off to a much better start if I had not brought a cold home from said vacation. However, I’m already feeling much better than yesterday, so I have high hopes for the rest of the month, even if the first fifth of June was taken up with travel and laundry and sneezing.

Summer is always my best season, since I am a person who adores the warm. June promises consistent warm here in Maryland and is also Pride Month! Doesn’t get much better than that.

Remember, Limani welcomes all!

(In case you were curious, Kane and Archer are the heroes of the in-progress Earth & Water, while Jarimis and Gray will also star in future Steel Bonds titles!)

Updates & Upcoming

  • Steel Legacy (Steel Empires #7): With the editor — publication date TBD
  • Secret Project (Phase Two): With the editor and pending official acceptance! Keep your fingers crossed, because this one will be super exciting to announce once I have a contract.
  • Earth & Water (Steel Bonds #1): First draft (still) in progress! 51.5k words down, with 5 scenes left to rewrite and 13 to write
  • Other WIPs: I’ve got 4 books in the brainstorming phase, which include 3 more novels in the Steel Bonds series and another future secret project
  • Events: I will be running the Raw Dog Screaming Press table in the dealer’s room for StokerCon in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania from June 15-18! (Rumor has it that I’ll be moderating a panel and part of the mass author signing, too.)

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