This weekend, pending the status of the terrible cold I’m currently experiencing at the time of this posting, I’ll be at Farpoint 2023 for my first convention of the year!

Farpoint 30
February 10-12, 2023
Delta Hotel by Marriot
Hunt Valley, MD


5:00 PM: Drive to Finish (panel, Salon E)
Do you have the drive to finish your project?


10:00 AM: Author Autographs (Table 1)

12:00 PM: How Much Star Wars Is Too Much Star Wars? (panel, Salon A)
Disney Plus has exceeded our expectations with their various Star Wars miniseries, but how much is too much? Should Disney forget Star Wars theatrical releases and just stick to streaming?

2:00 PM: Alternate History: Creating Stories By Changing the Past (presentation, Salon D)
An interactive presentation for writers and readers on the different facets and potential of alternative history storytelling.

4:00 PM: Author Reading (Derby Room)


10:00 AM: Author Reading (Derby Room)

11:00 AM: Author Autographs (Table 1)

1:00 PM: Building Identity (panel, Salon D)
What defines a character’s identity? Is it their behavior or their thoughts? How do we get that on the page and how do we honor identities that are not our own (be they aliens or our neighbor)?

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  1. I’m looking forward to seeing the author readings and author signings on Friday and Saturday. It looks like there will be a lot of interesting discussions and insights happening at this Convention.
    Great PostThanks for a great post

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