The highlight of my month is my new coffee machine with milk frother that makes espresso, so that I can make lattes from the comfort of home. It’s cold out, and I severely dislike it (the only perk is lots of kitty snuggles). One of my annual conventions has already been canceled, and I’m expecting others to be made virtual. Overall, 2022 is starting with more of a whimper than a roar.

However, some bright spots in the month include enjoying advanced reader copies of books by some of my favorite authors and building a couple awesome LEGO sets. I’m also tentatively scheduling travel plans for later in 2022, so it’s always nice to have something to look forward to.

But what about the writing, you ask?

Still at a dead stop, alas. Some initial ideas fell through, others were delayed in their implementation, and, well, mental health is a thing that needs to take priority. Trust me, I’m as excited to read the end of the Steel Empires series as you are. | collage of 3 finished LEGO sets, including the Razor Crest, The Child (Baby Yoda), and Typewriter
This month’s newest additions to the LEGO collection

January Wrap-Up

  • Writing: The brain stopped me. Silly brain.
  • I quickly caught up with book reviews from my vacation reading. Did you see them all on Goodreads?
  • I did not hang artwork, but I did rearrange a section of the library to better display the amazing LEGO Typewriter (rather than hide it away in the guest room) with a selection of treasured signed books.

February Goals

  1. *whispers* writing?
  2. I will be attending my first in-person convention in TWO YEARS! I fully support other invited participants who will not be at Farpoint 2022, due to concerns about the event’s preventive health policies. Because this is a local event for me, however, I will be exclusively attending for my assigned programming. If you will also be there and want to arrange a safe in-person meet up, feel free to contact me here or via social media and I’m happy to work something out and, you know, see people.
  3. Speaking of seeing people, I’m also looking forward to hosting out-of-town friends. You, too, can have a social life if you get your vaccines and boosters!

In Case You Missed It

Around the Internet

  • I’m thrilled to announce that the Steel Empires books are now indexed at Liminal Fiction, a curated archive of queer-friendly speculative fiction.

On the Website

Book Reviews | Two Siamese cats napping sprawled on a fake fur rug in front of a gas fireplace
Melty kitties

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