LEGO Build Report: Bookshop

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That awkward moment when you almost completely forget to blog about the LEGO build that is the MOST RELEVANT to your entire brand.

Actually, that might also be completely on-brand for me.

Last fall, I kicked the reorganization of my LEGO room guest room into high gear, which led to the completely obvious distraction of building another set instead of anything more productive. I always have so much fun with the Creator Expert sets, and the Bookshop was no exception. My town keeps growing, little by little, as does my space fleet. I adored so many of the architectural details of this very cool set, which I put together while listening to an audiobook.

Bookshop (10270) — 2,504 pieces

Obviously, all LEGO building must be completed with appropriate feline supervision. Alex and Nicki were happy to volunteer. | Bookshop LEGO box placed on floor in front of large chair with 2 Siamese cats sitting above it.

Here are a few close-ups of the first half of the set, as the Creator Expert pieces are designed so that you can mix-and-match the order that you hook the buildings together. I had so much fun with the cool way the bricks were inverted to create bookshelves, and check out the adorable terrarium in the loft bedroom! | collage of in-progress pictures of the LEGO Bookshop set -- bookshop side

Next, I worked on the neighboring townhouse. What I love about this piece, other than the gorgeous color, is that it is not 3 stories like most of the buildings in this collection. Instead, it features a cellar beneath the elevated first floor, with a second floor on top. This changes up the silhouette of the full series hooked together. | collage of in-progress pictures of the LEGO Bookshop set -- townhouse side

And here’s the final set, including the minifigs!

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