A week ago, I was reading a romance novel in a private cabana on a tropical beach. This morning it snowed. I hope that’s not a metaphor for how 2022 is going to go.

The spouse and I had an amazing cruise vacation for the holidays followed by a few quiet days at home, but we’re ready to launch back into the real world. December is my month to get spoiled since my birthday is New Year’s Eve. My family gifted me with a new Kindle, a few LEGO sets, a TARDIS necklace, and gourmet chocolate, among other treats. I’ve already queued up my to-do list for the week, but setting up the Kindle and building some LEGO might be on it. (The “real world” is relative, after all.)

I’m not really one for New Year’s Resolutions, but I have a few private goals that I’ll be sure to shout about here once they’re completed. Otherwise, I mostly want a happy and healthy 12 months for myself, my family, and my cats. Bonus points if I’m back on a tropical beach at least once during that time.

Two pairs of feet at the end of lounge chairs overlooking a tropical beach and ocean
Best. Day. Ever.

December Wrap-Up

  • A little bit of writing. My mental block for book 7 persists. I’m working on strategies to alleviate this in the upcoming year by implementing new productivity and self-care strategies.
  • We survived the cruise unscathed, and I appreciated both the health and safety precautions put in place by the cruise line and my ability to thoroughly enjoy myself with nothing more than a good book with the water in sight. I’m easy to entertain.

January Goals

  1. Writing. Seriously. My brain will not stop me from fulfilling my goals.
  2. Catch up on book reviews from the (*checks notes*) FIFTEEN books I read during my vacation. Not all of them will be reviewed on the blog, but don’t forget that you can always follow me on Goodreads. Every book I read gets at least a few sentences there.
  3. If I say that I’m going to hang artwork here, maybe it will actually get done. Worth a shot.

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3 Siamese cats investigating a Santa hat
If Santa didn’t make it to your house this year, you can blame these three.

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