We are officially less than a month away from the release of Steel Justice (Steel Empires #6)! If you missed the cover reveal, no worries — you can check out the gorgeousness below, with a bonus teaser. The book is also available for preorder from the bigger usual suspects. However, if you order directly from my publisher, your copy will be signed by me!

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Other than that excitement, I had an overall quiet June with the usual suspects: reading, writing, and cat snuggles. July will be filled with prep for the Steel Justice release, and I’m excited to have multiple travel adventures already schedule for late summer and into fall.

Teaser text: Toria Connor assumed the Mercenary Guild’s official guidelines frowned upon the client protecting the bodygaurd. But when the body was a genuine weredragon, over ten feet long from snout to tail, with talons the length of daggers, the official guidelines could sod off.

June Wrap-Up

  • I did add more words to Steel Legacy (Steel Empires #7)!
  • I also had fun developing some more promotional stuff for Steel Justice, such as the teaser image above. There will be more of those to come in July, so make sure you’re following me on social media to check them out.

July Goals

  1. Continue working on Steel Legacy!
  2. Produce marketing and promo stuff for Steel Justice, such as guest blog posts and more teaser images.
  3. I am a panelist and presenter for the virtual In Your Write Mind convention (July 8-11), where I’ll be speaking about world-building, editing, and military life. This is also an opportunity to check out my popular alternate history presentation from the comfort of your own home!
  4. I’m also excited to be a guest on Russ’s Rockin’ Rollercoaster podcast on July 14, where I get to nerd out about The Expanse! Register here to join us live for the event.

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I spend a lot of time reading in my cozy office chair. The boys like to make it even cozier.

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