I have so many books on my to-be-read pile at this point that when I’m tempted to buy another, I’ve started glancing at the top few reviews. And because I’m contrary, reviewers with complaints tend to make me even more interested in this book, which was definitely the case here. The first few chapters clarify that the more significant reviewer complaints are only valid if you completely ignore the subtext. And I have no complaints because I adored this book.

I love competent characters, and Will and Kit are frighteningly capable at what they do. Even better, their abilities heighten the excellent sexual tension between the two men. This book features some steamy sexy bits that are all the more intriguing for how original the situations are. A certain amount of angst is expected considering the opposing sides of the problem the two men find themselves on, which makes the part where they have to work together all the better. This is one of those stories where the “external” conflict is inextricably wound up in the developing relationship, and possibly even a story I would have enjoyed without the love story element.

As much as I would probably enjoy a sequel to this book, it doesn’t need one. The ending is more than satisfying, featuring a bit that I predicted and some delightful twists that I did not. This is not a traditional enemies-to-lovers arc any more than Kit or Will is a traditional character. Anyone who loves nontraditional stories of all sorts, with bonus sex characters in a book that’s hard to put down, will thoroughly enjoy this story.

Rating: 5 (out of 5) stars. Cross-posted to Amazon and Goodreads.

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