Disclaimer: I am acquaintances with the author; however, I purchased this ebook for full price.

As a military spouse, I never really saw the appeal of romance fiction featuring a military (or former military) hero. I know too much about the realities of military life to have any desire to romanticize it, but I’ve known Burrows through our extended writer networks for a few years and wanted to check out her work.

Outside of the romance genre, my interests include competent characters and team-as-family (especially when I get to see the team being built and all the conflict that goes along with that process). One way Burrows bucks genre expectations here is that we get to see points of view from characters other than the hero, heroine, and antagonists, and I’m already looking forward to seeing each of these men get their happily ever afters.

I also love the depth of character that each of the men possess. Burrows allows them to be dramatic and emotional within the context of the story, which makes them well-rounded and interesting rather than two-dimensional stock characters.

Burrows also doesn’t skimp on plot, which becomes both essential to the developing relationship and stands alone as an interesting read. The twist at the end also cemented it as a solid piece of story-telling. I still don’t have much desire to read military romance, but I’m absolutely going to finish this delightful series.

Rating: 5 (out of 5) stars. Cross-posted to Amazon and Goodreads.

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