This year is off to an EXCELLENT start, if I do say so myself. I got lots of reading done. I got lots of editing done. I played a lot of video games. And I’m thrilled with my health progress. I know I said I wasn’t travelling anywhere, but I managed to sneak away to the beach and have a lovely 2 days with excellent friends. Not much other news to report, so let’s jump in!

January Wrap-Up

  • The final Steel Victory rewrite is completed, copy-edited, and submitted to my editor. This new edition of the text will also include a bonus short story (how Victory and Mikelos first met!) AND a brief history of the city of Limani. I can’t wait to share all of these goodies this summer!
  • Beta-reading progress report: SO. CLOSE.
  • As promised, there are new goodies over at the Worldbuilding section of my website! (Links below.)

February Goals

  1. It’s time to jump back into book 6, Steel Justice! This month, I’ll be focusing on revisions based on the feedback I received from my fabulous beta readers.
  2. Review two super-secret projects! (Sometimes, I get to read books by my favorite authors before publication. I love this part of my job.)
  3. A new indie bookstore in Baltimore, Carpe Librum, is hosting me for an author brunch! I hope you’re able to stop by if you’re local to the Baltimore area. Details here.
  4. Attend my first con of 2020: Farpoint, also in the Baltimore area! Will I see you there?
  5. Two more updates to pages over at the Worldbuilding section!

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If this hasn’t been stuck in your head for the past month, obviously you haven’t watched the best new fantasy show available.

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