I hope everyone had a fabulous month full of NaNoWriMo and/or delicious food. I’m in the midst of traveling (3 airplanes, 2 conferences, 2 cities), so cross your fingers that the ridiculous cold I had 2 weeks ago doesn’t return with a vengeance. Ironically, because of the traveling and the cold, I did not have a successful NaNoWriMo or turkey! Such is the writing life.

I have blue hair again, though!

November Wrap-Up

  • I’m still working on my rewrite of Steel Victory (due to that cold), but I’m really pleased with my progress so far. No major character or story changes, but I’m definitely amping up the writing itself. I think new and old readers will be pleased.
  • Whooooo beta reading!
  • The single day conference I attended in Washington DC on ending stigma was full of inspiration. It’s good to know that the projects I work on for the day job are leaning in the right direction. At the moment, I’m in Indianapolis for Starbase Indy
  • But I’m about to hop on another plane for Houston. After a visit to Who North America, of course!

December Goals

  1. Get home safely and make sure that my Starbase Indy con report goes up on time!
  2. Finish the Steel Victory rewrite.
  3. Yeah, yeah, beta reading.
  4. Survive the holidays!

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