Into the SoundsDisclaimer: I consider the author a friend; however, I purchased the electronic version of this novel for full price.

After reading the first book in this series, I kind of thought I knew what I was getting into. It’s really awesome that I was completely wrong. On the surface, lots of things are similar to book one. Ragtag group lost in the wilds of New Zealand: check. Giant mythical monster eating people: check. Lost tribe of humans and crazy mercenaries: wait, what?

Taine and Jules are in a steady relationship for this book, but almost none of the book was about their relationship. Both characters continue to be true to themselves in ways that support each other AND cause conflict. The perfect amount of romance in a very unsexy situation, which I appreciate that Murray did not try to change.

Some readers might have a hard time with so many named characters in a book, a few who only show up in a handful of scenes, but I absolutely love it. Every character has their own goal/motivation/conflict, and events don’t happen in a vacuum, even in New Zealand’s most remote location. I also loved that some characters from the first book popped up — and not as fan service! Temera and Trigger had their own roles to fill.

I’m lucky enough to have received an advanced copy of the next Taine McKenna adventure, and I’m excited to start reading it as soon as possible. Which is the best praise for any book, really.

Rating: 5 (out of 5) stars. Cross-posted to Amazon and Goodreads.

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