Below is the holiday letter my husband and I sent in our cards this year. Thank you to all of you for also being amazing supporters. I couldn’t have gotten through this year without you.

Dear Family & Friends,

This has been a much-needed quiet year for the Gribble household. Of course, quiet for us still means lots of work and travel! 

Hanna continues her work with the —, where she is a medical editor focusing on HIV care. This past year also saw the publication of her third novel, Steel Blood. She is hard at work on the next installments in the series, along with regularly blogging for her website and another site that focuses on science fiction and fantasy. She also travels often to attend conventions to promote her writing, and had to endure a business trip to Disney World for her day job. Erik continues to indulge her newfound obsession with LEGO.

Erik has now completed over 14 years with —. This year, he traveled to Kansas in January for training and to Estonia in August in support of —. While there, he had the opportunity to ride in a Black Hawk and a Chinook, and he took a day-trip to Latvia. Last spring, Erik was also interviewed for an online documentary about his past work filming Super Smash Brothers conventions.

We celebrated our five-year wedding anniversary with a trip to Salt Lake Comic Con in Utah, where Hanna was invited to be a panel participant to talk about urban fantasy and the editing process. While there, Erik commissioned artwork from his favorite comic artist and Hanna got her picture taken with her favorite actor!

The cats enjoyed another healthy year, and we’re looking forward to spending the holidays at home in Maryland.

Hanna & Erik
(with Nicki, Lucy & Alex)

[Some information redacted for personal privacy]

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