Review: Not Quite Beast (Not Quite #2) by Kaye Draper

This is a solid continuation to Sam’s story, action-packed and filled with answers to some questions while teasing even more questions that need answers. Draper also expands upon her world-building and introduces an intriguing political element to the plot line. I look forward to seeing how Sam and their “guild” play a role in Theo’sContinue reading “Review: Not Quite Beast (Not Quite #2) by Kaye Draper”

Review: Not Quite Human (Not Quite #1) by Kaye Draper

Kaye Draper’s latest urban fantasy/romance series is going to be another hit for me, I think. This author includes a note in her book blurbs about being tired of tropes, and she puts her money where her mouth is — once again, the characters in this story were unique, fascinating, and flawed. As an addedContinue reading “Review: Not Quite Human (Not Quite #1) by Kaye Draper”