Review: Mastering Suspense, Structure & Plot by Jane K. Cleland

To continue preparing to write the next book in my series, I chose a craft book dedicated to plot structure with an emphasis on suspense and twists. Rather than being targeted to one genre, the book ensures that all of the writing advice can be applied to any genre, from political thrillers to nonfiction memoirs. […]

Tell Me: STEEL BLOOD Blog Tour Stop #9

Author and editor Jennifer Brozek (currently living the live I sometimes envision for myself) was kind enough to host me on her regular blog feature: Tell Me. So, I told her all about how I was inspired to make up some new rules (and then break them) as I started the process of writing Steel Blood. […]

Guest Post: Andi Adams’ Suggested 5 Most Helpful Books on Writing

Today, author Andi Adams has stopped by to share her thoughts on some great craft books on writing. I’ve read a few of these, and I absolutely swear by the second book on her list! Don’t forget to check out Adams’ new fantasy novel, The Girl in the Glass Box, to see how she puts her […]