TARDIS Contest: Winners and Final Tally!

TARDIS contest books

Thanks so much to everyone who submitted guesses in my crazy contest!

And the final TARDIS tally: 34!

Congratulations to the following:

  • Kelly M., the random winner of a hardcopy of their choice from the Steel Empires series
  • Kat S. and Jules D., who both guessed the closest at 32, the winners of an ebook of their choice from the Steel Empires series

I’ll be emailing you today to find out which books you want and the best way to get them to you.

Now, let’s see them all!  Continue reading

Contest announcement: Win a book from the Steel Empires series

While writing up a post for Speculative Chic last month regarding My Favorite Things, of course I had to include my favorite mode of travel through time and space: the TARDIS. While I consider myself a general fan of the television show it’s from, Doctor Who, I’ve been in love with this blue police box (and its broken chameleon circuit) since day one. I started collecting them, and my husband pointed out that I actually have no idea how many I have.

Let’s find out together! This link goes to a Google form that requires no sign-up. The deadline for submitting a guess is this Friday night, August 25, at midnight EST. The winners will be announced on Saturday, August 26, at noon EST.

This guess will only include how many representations of the TARDIS I have, not all of my Doctor Who collection. My Dalek t-shirt and my three (yes, three) sonic screwdrivers don’t count.

How many TARDISes does author J.L. Gribble actually own? Make your guess and win a book from the Steel Empires series!


One (1) random entry, no matter their guess, will win a signed hardcopy of their choice (Steel Victory, Steel Magic, or Steel Blood) shipped to them at no cost.

One (1) entry who guesses the correct number of TARDISes (or the closest over or under) will win an ebook of their choice (Steel Victory, Steel Magic, or Steel Blood). In the event of a tie, each submission will win.


This contest is not endorsed by Doctor Who, its creators, its producers, or the fine folks at BBC.

The contact information submitted here will only be used for the purposes of contacting you if you win. It will not be saved or shared with any outside entities such as my publishers.

TARDIS contest books

STEEL BLOOD cover reveal contest announced!

The amazing cover artist for the Steel Empires series, Brad Sharp, did such a fantastic (fang-tastic?) job on the cover for Steel Blood that my publishers and I couldn’t decide between them! So we’re leaving it up to all of you with a vote. Head over to Raw Dog Screaming Press’ website to choose your favorite cover.  (Note: No registration necessary to cast your vote.)

Here’s an excerpt to tide you over, of Victory being badass (as she is).  Hopefully you’ll be intrigued enough to go check out the full version and let your voice be heard. There’s no unhappy ending to this election! So vote early, vote often, and tell your friends to do the same!

Steel Blood cover excerpt

And if THAT wasn’t incentive enough, the back cover text of this novel is also available on the voting page. Find out what Victory and Mikelos have been up to during the events of Steel Magic!