RDSP news roundupIt’s been a while since I posted, because I’ve been a bit caught up in things like writing book 4, reading lots of books, and binge-watching Orphan Black. (No spoilers, please. I’m only on season 2.) But lots has gone on in the world of my amazing publisher, Raw Dog Screaming Press, in the meantime. I figured I’d post about all of it at once here. Read on for not one, but two amazing cover reveals and news about a contest! 

City Ash and Desert Bones is the next book coming from my imprint, Dog Star Books! I’m really excited for this speculative fiction dystopian adventure tale by debut author Laurel Myler. Check out yet another amazing cover by artist Brad Sharp below. If you think his style is familiar, it’s because he has also done the artwork for both books in the Steel Empires series.

City ASH-sunset-dim

Another amazing new novel to be on the lookout for is Snowed by Maria Alexander, featuring the gorgeous cover art of Daniele Serra. This holiday-themed young adult horror novel will make a perfect gift for all the teens in your life. Or even a lot of the adults! I can say this with absolute certainty because I might have gotten a sneak-peak at the book already. Let’s just say that I’ll never hang my stockings with 100% cheer every again…

Snowed cover

RDSP-against-humanityFinally, Cards Against Humanity is a game close to the hearts of many in the RDSP family, so it would eventually become time to make a bit of it our own.

Submissions are currently open for RDSP-themed question and answer cards. These can be about Raw Dog Screaming Press novels, books from any of the imprints (Dog Star Books, Guide Dog Books, and Anti-Oedipus Press), and all of the authors in between.

If one of your cards is picked for the final deck, you will be entered into a raffle to win a free deck! Visit the RDSP blog for full contest and game details.

I know some of the judges, and I happen to have it on good authority that they will be on the lookout for excellent suggestions related to both Steel Empires (Steel Victory and Steel Magic) and J.L. Gribble. Don’t worry, I have a thick skin. Good luck!

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  1. I will definitely look up Snowed! I think my goddaughter would love it. Looks like a good gift idea. The idea of RDSP-themed cards also sounds like fun!!!

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