Two years ago, little did I know that I would be attending my last in-person convention for the foreseeable future. Therefore, it’s only appropriate that my first in-person convention in this brave new world we live in would be the same event. I look forward to soaking up the much-missed con environment this weekend at Farpoint 2022 in Hunt Valley, Maryland.

A few minor caveats, though. I’m not thrilled with the health safety policy put in place by this convention, and I fully support all participants who have chosen not to attend in person this year. Because this is a relatively local convention to me, I made the decision to strictly attend the time slots for my assigned panels and readings rather than committing to full days of hanging out. So, if you’re hoping to catch me, make sure to attend one of the below events!


3 PM: Now a Major Motion Picture (panel)

  • It’s the age-old story: your favorite book has been made into a movie. You buy your ticket, sit down… and discover that your favorite story has been mangled into something unrecognizable on screen. Why can’t Hollywood stay true to the text? Are there any examples where they did? Our panelists will discuss.
  • With Michael D’Ambrosio and Cerece Rennie Murphy

5 PM: Authors Online: Maintaining Your Digital Footprint (panel)

  • Have a question about your platform? Want to promote your work on social media? Our panel of experts led by web and tech guru Nate Hoffelder will answer marketing, design, and technical questions and help authors to promote themselves on the World Wide Web.
  • With Nate Hoffelder and Christopher Ochs


11 AM: Author Autograph Session

2 PM: The Old Guard (panel)

  • First a graphic novel, now a Netflix film, a team of immortal crimefighters have to stay one step ahead of a megalomanic scientist who wants their DNA for nefarious purposes. Our panelists will discuss.
  • With Ryan Permison

4 PM: Author Readings

  • With Sherri Cook Woosley


10 AM: Gender Tropes & How To Avoid Them (panel)

  • What are some of the negative/harmful gender tropes common in fiction and film? How can authors avoid them? What is a fan’s role in navigating this subject? Panelists offer insight from their own experience.
  • With Sherri Cook Woosley

11 AM: Author Autograph Session

12 PM: Author Readings

  • With Jennifer Povey and Sherri Cook Woosley

1 PM: The Value of Research (panel)

  • A discussion of the importance of research to any story.
  • With Jennifer Povey

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