You know by now that I’m a “ships and buildings” sort of girl, in the types of LEGO sets that I buy for myself. That doesn’t mean I’ll stick my nose up when friends gift me sets they’ll think I enjoy. In this case, I received a combined Christmas/birthday gift in the form of the adorable Baby Yoda himself. I enjoyed a quiet weekend afternoon of building him while the spouse was away at work.

The Child (75318) — 1,073 pieces

First, I put together the inner structure that the rest of the set builds out from.

The majority of the time spent working on this set was the four sides of the above structure. Using layers of bricks, I built out the texture of the Grogu’s brown robes on all four sides, resulting in a less square silhouette.

Next up were the arms, which included movement reticulation in the wrists and fingers.

And, of course, the final version includes Grogu’s sweet face (with moveable ears!) and his favorite toy. I’m more than pleased to add this set to my collection of Star Wars ships, which includes the Razor Crest.

Mini-Grogu shown for scale.

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