Remember when I built my new typewriter LEGO set over the holidays? The spouse joined me to build one of his own! Though I am currently the uncontested LEGO aficionado in our household, he grew up building them, and we have an agreement that certain sets we purchase will be his to complete. With his love of all things Star Wars, including The Mandalorian television show, this particular ship was one of them.

This set was only half the size of mine, thus it only took the first day of my project to complete (or every episode of Hawkeye). Since I was not the builder, this is less of a build report and more of a “look at how two nerds spent their bonding time” post (with bonus cat, of course).

The Razor Crest (75292) — 1,023 pieces

LEGO Razor Crest set box with activated model Darksaber
Obviously, I had to stage the box with my new Darksaber
A kitchen island spread with two LEGO sets in progress with a laptop showing the home screen for Hawkeye
About halfway through watching every Hawkeye episode
Siamese cat sitting on the lap of a man building a LEGO set at a kitchen island
Two of my favorite guys joining me for one of my favorite hobbies

And finally, the finished product! It will join the Star Wars ship collection in my LEGO room guest room.

Finished LEGO Razor Crest set with minifigs

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