The few problems I had with the previous books in this series spilled into the conclusion of this particular found-family all getting their happily ever after. Not every author wants to include doom, gloom, and angst in their writing, but some professions happen to call for it. Even those who do dark things on the side of the light should understand the heaviness of their work, and that’s something I never quite sensed from the characters of the Unholy Trifecta.

That being said, sometimes you’re not in the mood for angst, but you still want a dash of excitement with your romance. Then, the Unholy Trifecta books are definitely for you. The third installment is no less action-packed just because one of the point-of-view characters is a hacker who does his best work at a computer. Brannigan is Kyou’s perfect foil, which means I joined in the happiness shown for both characters. The way their lives have intertwined since Kyou’s infancy is a delightful twist that brought a smile to my face.

This trilogy includes all the best vibes of reading fanfic, down to the adorable child and found family feels, but Sherwood manages to replicate it with an all-original cast of characters. I had fun reading these books, despite my quibbles, and the conclusion more than lived up to the expectations set by the first two. I’d be happy to read about the further adventures of this ridiculous crew, even without the romance angles, especially as Remi grows up and comes into her own as an individual character.

Rating: 4 (out of 5) stars. Cross-posted to Amazon and Goodreads.

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