Like many conventions this year, Capclave 2020 has gone virtual! Instead of spending this weekend in Rockville, Maryland, you can hang out with me from the comfort of your home.

Registration is required for this convention: $10 gives you access to all of this weekend’s content, and $55 gives you access to all of this weekend’s content PLUS registration to Capclave 2021. Register here.


  • 1:30 PM Eastern: Worldbuilding in SF vs. Fantasy
    • Are there distinctions in how worldbuilding is approached for a fantasy setting rather than a science fiction setting? Are there different approaches in how the result is presented to the reader? Are there challenges on one side of the fantasy/SF split that are less of an issue on the other?
    • With Mary Fan, Walter H. Hunt (moderator), Fran Wilde, and K. Ceres Wright
  • 5:00 PM Eastern: A Taxonomy of Fantasy
    • “Primary fantasy”, “source fantasy”, “mythic fantasy”, “hard fantasy”, “dark fantasy”, “urban fantasy” … the list goes on. Rather than talk about what defines fantasy, let’s talk what it does, what it does in combination with what other forms of literature, what characterizes its permutations, the ancestry of its sub-forms, et cetera. Why do people feel a need to classify its different types and tropes? Does knowing the taxonomy make you a better writer? If not, why bother?
    • With Kelly Dwyer, Gail Z. Martin (moderator), Jon Skovron, Catherynne Valente, and Troy L. Wiggins

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