Announcement: Steel Victory 2.0 Available for Pre-Order!

Hardcover release date: July 15
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The revised edition of the first Steel Empires novel will include:

  • Author’s preferred text for Steel Victory.
  • Foreword by award-winning author and editor Lee Murray.
  • “The Reluctant Master”: A previously unpublished story featuring Victory and Mikelos in the early days of Limani.
  • “Limani: A Brief History”: An excerpt from a longer work by Lady Zhinu Zhuanxu-Wallace.

Join me on July 15, 7 PM EST, for an online event with special guests. Details coming soon.

The majority of my June has been spent hurtling toward the above-mentioned re-release of Steel Victory. I’m incredibly pleased with the updated writing, humbled by Lee’s lovely forward, and excited to share the new short story and essay. If you’ve been following this blog for my book reviews: Thank you. This is the perfect moment for you to take a chance on my own writing.

Not going to lie — with all events cancelled, book reviews are mainly what you’re getting on this blog for the next few months. Don’t worry that I’ll run out anytime soon. According to Goodreads, I’ve hit over 100 books read for 2020 so far, and I have reviews scheduled into September at this point.

But my life hasn’t been all work, work, work. I finally acquired my very own TARDIS! Okay, it’s really a Tesla Model Y. But it’s blue! And it goes really fast! And it is bigger on the inside! (Alas, this is still the 2020 we’re living in, so I haven’t figured out the time travel yet.)

The spouse and I are now a fully electric vehicle household, supplemented by the solar panels on our roof. I love living in the future.

June Wrap-Up

  • The biggest accomplishment: I finally finished revising Steel Justice (Steel Empires #6) and submitted it to my editor!
  • Book review progress: Like I said above, I’m reading a lot lately. I’m currently 6 books behind in writing reviews.
  • Oops, I totally forgot to add anything to the Worldbuilding section of the website.
  • Self-care: The pandemic is still a thing (and the United States in particular is still in the first wave). Black lives matter. The first Pride was a riot. I’m going to drink some water and start another romance novel after first reminding you that Breonna Taylor‘s murderers are still free.

July Goals

  1. Continue promotion for Steel Victory 2.0, including the special online event on July 15.
  2. Start officially brainstorming for Steel Legacy (Steel Empires #7).
  3. Book reviews!
  4. Drive the TARDIS around town for no reason (because there’s literally no place to go) and enjoy other Tesla owners doing double-takes. (They know my car is awesome and new.)

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