Time has ceased to have any meaning. Or is it just me?

This was supposed to go out yesterday, but I had a bit of a weekend and losing myself in romance novels seemed a healthier option. But I’m here now, to entertain you with all of my exploits!

/checks notes

Apparently there is still a pandemic afoot, so I mostly haven’t left my house. Luckily, there is still writing to be done and books to read and video games to be played.

May Wrap-Up

  • I finished cataloging all the Steel Justice notes from my amazing beta readers and started the revision process. Fewer tears were shed than expected.
  • I’m averaging about a novel every other day or so, with some novellas mixed in for good measure. As usual, the list of reviews posted in the previous month is posted below.
  • I put aside the goal of recording readings of my work for…reasons. Perhaps later this year.
  • I had a fantastic time participating in my first virtual convention! Find my Virtual Balticon 54 con report here.
  • And, of course, I continued to enjoy playing World of Warcraft. Currently, I’m working on maxing out my reputation with certain factions and various in-game achievements. Some of those achievements might involve fishing.

June Goals

  1. Finish revising Steel Justice!
  2. I’m reading at such a pace that it’s easy to get behind on book reviews, so I’m adding those back to the goals list for the first time in a while to remind myself about them.
  3. I slacked off last month on other things, so it’s time to add more content to the Worldbuilding sections of the website!
  4. Self-care: I’m an indoor cat, so I had been hanging in there pretty well for the shut-down. That’s finally starting to wear on me, so I’d also like to remind myself that I’m not just working from home full-time. I’m working from home full-time during a crisis, but it’s also still important to acknowledge my privilege in that I still have an income and I’m not risking my life while enjoying my neighborhood (#ChristianCooper) or simply relaxing at home (#BothemSean and #AtatianaJefferson). Because while I can take a moment to just breathe (#FreddieGray and #GeorgeFloyd), it’s still okay to not always be 100% okay.

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