This weekend I’ll be back in Baltimore for Farpoint 27! Check out my schedule below. Come see me be exceedingly nerdy about some of my favorite things! Will I see you there?


  • 5 PM: Fanfic Confessions (panel)
    • Professional authors who still write fanfic or participate in fanfic-like habits such as PBEMs will talk about the differences between fanfic, tie-ins and original writing and how one can make the jump from writing fanfic to writing original works. They also may possibly confess some guilty secrets.
    • With Jennifer Povey and T. Eric Bakutis
  • 6 PM: Return to Downton Abbey (panel)
    • Three years after Masterpiece’s Downton Abbey ended its highly rated six-year run on television, audiences flocked to theaters this autumn to see Downton Abbey on the big screen. Panelists will discuss what worked about the film, what could have been better, and what the future has in store for the Crawley family.
      • With Allyn Gibson and Kelli Fitzpatrick


  • 11 AM: Autograph Session
    • With Peter David and Dr. Valerie Mikles
  • 12 PM: Reading
    • With Jennifer Povey
  • 5 PM: The Expanse Explores a Strange New World (panel)
    • On Season 4, we see the Rocinante crew go through the gate and visit New Terra, one of the first worlds colonized. While Naomi and Alex mind the ship, Holden and Amos try to make peace between colonists and scientists. Meanwhile, Bobbie and Avaserala investigate a mystery. And then there’s Proto-Miller, hanging around with Holden and causing trouble. Let’s discuss Season 4, and what’s coming up in Season 5.
    • With Ann White, John White, and Russ Colchamiro


  • 10 AM: Trek All Access (panel)
    • A look at Star Trek: Discovery‘s season 2 and speculations for season 3. Plus we’ll talk about Picard — where it fits in and where it’s going.
    • With Keith R.A. DeCandido and Derek Tyler Attico
  • 11 AM: Reading
    • With Keith R.A. DeCandido
  • 12 PM: Autograph Session
    • With David Mack
  • 1 PM: The Infinity Saga (panel)
    • 22 films and a massive inter-connected story later, what did you think? And what do you think is next for Marvel?
    • With Jay Smith, Dr. Arnold Blumberg, and Jay Justice

Note: I’m not staying at the hotel this time around, so my participation in the Friday night book signing event will depend on entirely upon how much energy I have/how much coffee I’ve drunk that day.

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