This Thursday, while my family stays home and eats delicious food, I’ll be boarding a flight to Indianapolis for my first Starbase Indy! I’m looking forward to checking out a new con, meeting new people, and catching up with old friends.

For the majority of the convention, you can probably find me in the Writer’s Salon (Suite 162). You can also poke me on social media. I’m happy to meet up for a meal, a drink, a coffee, or just a chat!

Copies of all the books in my Steel Empires series will be available for purchase.


  • 1 PM: Defining Genre (panel)
    • Writing science fiction without hard science, fantasy without magic, or a romance without a love interest would seem counterintuitive to writing in your genre of choice. Can it be done? What does genre even mean in this situation? Join us for a discussion on defining genre.
    • With Blake Haulauden, Deanna Sjolander, and Anna La Voie
  • 4 PM: Professional Editor Q&A (panel)
    • Writing is hard and the editing process can be intimidating. Come ask a group of very friendly editors all your hard-hitting questions.
    • With Deanna Sjolander and Anna La Voie


  • 1 PM: Alternate History: Creating Stories by Changing the Past (workshop)
    • Join author and editor J.L. Gribble for a look at the various types of alternate history stories, followed by interactive exercises in which participants create worlds of their own.

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