Happy half-price candy day! I had to go into the office yesterday, so my costume was really simple. What did you dress up as?

It was a fast month, as always, but I got a lot accomplished and I’m gearing up for my version of NaNoWriMo. Instead of writing 50,000 words this month, I’m going to continue editing Steel Victory in preparation for the new edition this summer. Other plans include travel to three events, but before that, I’m celebrating a friend’s wedding tonight. The fun never stops.

October Wrap-Up

  • Instead of the traditional revision process I go through for my newly written novels, I decided to tackle Steel Victory a different way. This meant going through my “search and destroy” editing list for over-used words and words in which the language can be punched up. I’m so proud of how much my writing has improved in the last few years. I ended up cutting almost 10k words from the novel, but don’t panic! The majority of that was extra fluff that had no impact on the plot or characterization. All this means is that the new edition will have room for more bonus material.
  • Oh dear, I’m still working on that beta read. Don’t worry, the author knows I’ve got a lot going on, and she’s been busy with other projects and things in her life, too.
  • I had a great time at Capclave 2019 in Rockville, Maryland! Find my con report here.

November Goals

  1. As I mentioned above, continue editing Steel Victory. Now, I’ll be taking the more typical route, reading page by page and scene by scene to tweak language and clean things up. My standing goal is 1 or 2 scenes (minimum 10 pages) per day, which should take all month with a few mental health days as necessary.
  2. *mumble mumble* beta-reading…
  3. Lots of travel this month! In additional to a single-day event in Washington DC for the day job earlier in the month, I’ll be attending Starbase Indy for the first time this year in the days after Thanksgiving!
  4. Then, I’m going straight from Indianapolis to Houston for a conference for the day job, which runs me into the beginning of December.

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